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7 Things Men Seek From Women

Men want many things in a woman. As women do men. There are many important things that men want that are not just about the looks of a woman. These are the top things men seek from women.

  • Confidence.
    This is a very important quality to have. There is not anything more sexy to a man than a confident woman. If you can feel good about who you are, be comfortable in your own skin, feel that you have a purpose in life and goes for what you want, you have so much more than many women. Men do not want a woman who is waiting for them to come along and start taking care of everything for her. You should be able to have your own personal life and also this relationship without losing yourself. It can take a while for any women to get to this level of confidence but once you do, you will become happy in life and happy with whoever you decide to be with.
  • A woman that knows what she wants.
    Once you are able to know what it is that you want, you will no longer spend time on people or things that do not fit into that scenario. This is a important quality because men will want to know pretty quickly whether they are going to have a chance in your life or not. They do not want to play games and wonder whether or not something is going to happen in the future.
  • A woman that is able to communicate.
    Everyone wants someone who can communicate yet, it is something that so many of us are absolutely horrible at. Men definitely are not natural communicators, which can make it hard for any woman to try and be. It is still great though as a woman if you can speak to them in a open and honest way when you are having conversations in general or heated conversations. Men do not enjoy trying to read through the lines and figure out what a woman is really trying to say. Just say it. He will appreciate you so much more when you just say to him what you want and how he can do it for you. A man just wants to make you happy and once he is able to do that due to you communicating with him, he will feel more assured that he will be able to continuously do this for you.
  • Respect and Admiration.
    If you can make a man feel like he is the greatest thing in the world to you, then you are doing something right. A man wants you to respect him for who he is. Not the material things. Men do not want to be with a woman who makes him feel like nothing, bosses him around or tries to control him. You also need to be able to truly respect yourself before you can truly respect a man.
  • A woman that does not NEED a man but wants one.
    If a man feels that you need him out of hopelessness, he will start to wonder if you are really with him for the right reasons. If you are able to be just fine on your own but want him there with you and can show him that, he will know that you want him for who he is instead of wanting only what he can do for you.
  • No Drama.
    Drama is not sexy or attractive to any man. A man will not want you if you are always involved in drama or if you are a woman who schemes in order to have a man give or get you what you want. A man having to deal with these issues does not go over well in the long run. If you can be emotionally stable and true to your words and your actions, this will shop him you have yourself together.
  • A woman with good character.
    Men do not want a woman scared to be herself or a woman who do not seem to be able to take a joke and laugh a little. They want you to have fun and laugh with them. Having a sense of humor and not being uptight is a great way to be. Feel beautiful in your own skin and always just be yourself. Laugh with him, and be silly. Having fun together is so important in a relationship.