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Five things Women Seek in Men

Women are complex creatures; they want honesty but think you are naïve if you are too honest. No one knows what they are looking for or what they want. I bet scientists have given up on the quest to figure out these mysterious beings. God must have spent more hours polishing their mysterious parts. He must have used a sophisticated code on them that is hard to crack. I can imagine some angels have tried to face him asking which code he used on women, and all they get is a blank stare and the notorious statement “well, it’s classified and above your pay grade.”
Give a woman all your attention, and she will accuse you of being possessive. Kiss her often, and she will say you are too much and idle. If you stare at another woman she accuses you of flirting. Ironically, if you other men give a pass on them they casually say they are just admiring them. What do they want? What do they seek in a man? How women react in real life baffles everyone. The only thing we are sure women want, is that they want you to lie about their appearances. You should always give the white lie “you look great!” Regardless of the fact she just added 10 pounds.
According to Robert Caldini people are attracted to people they know or love. He goes ahead and says people are attracted to people who they share a name with or people who remember their name. These are some facts one can exploit to win others or in a marketing strategy. Which begs the question, what are some of the things men can do to win over a woman? What are the things women seek in men? Luckily, we have noticed five things that women seek in men. Here they are.
A caring man
The best way to win a woman is to know that they want you to show you care enough. She wants you to be present in her trying times. A woman wants her man to make her life easier they also want to feel protected. Women are also to kind men because they know kind men will take care of them and treat her well.
Women want men who have financial, mental and physical stability. No woman wants a weakling for a man. Of course, a woman may settle for a man who is not financially able but it’s important to know that that women are future oriented they don’t want to harbor the fear of uncertainty, and a man who financially able is the best way to know her future is protected and bright.
She wants an understanding man
Every woman’s dream is to get a man who understands her. Women want you to love who they are. They don’t want you to change who they are. Ironically, women see no problem when they try to change you. Complicated beings right? Women don’t want to feel uncomfortable when they are with you.
Men are known for cheating. More so, the modern society seems to have accepted this as a norm and believe men were born to cheat and they can’t change. Besides, some women can’t help fall for bad boys. However, most women want men with blind loyalty. Recent studies show that women listed faithfulness as the top attribute they find sexy in a man.She wants to be your only queen. Being loyal is an excellent way to make her feel special.
Women look up to men, and they adore men who feel confident in their skin these make the woman feel secure. Being vulnerable is a turnoff. Women want a man who handles problems and situations confidently. A man with guts attracts women to his side. However, you should not be self-absorbed. Women want you to be confident and still show you care about something beyond yourself.
Of course, there are other attributes such as generosity, moral integrity among other that women look for in a man. However, the traits mentioned above are traits that every woman wants. Different women look for different attributes in men. It may seem as if women are complicated and unsettled on the things they look for in a man, but they are always flexible, and some will even settle for less. After all, they say that when a woman loves she loves for real. You what she is looking for in a man? Just ask her and try to fulfill her desires.